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Survival became their hobby.
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awesome art for me: :la::la::la:

b pic chibi pluto and chibi ithis by mangafa20 Nachtmahr by Selithos
Hbd Pluto-my-way! by CrystalDarkness AT with pluto- my-way by CrystalDarknessGenius Pluto by Dragonmaster62835

:icondragongrin: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragoninsane: :icondragoneat: :icondragonbite1: :icondragonbite2: :icondragonlick: :icondragoncomfort: :icondragondrink: :icondragonmusicplz: :icondragonnod1: :icondragonnod2: :icondragonyell: :icondragonwant: :icondragonlaughplz: :icondragonweep: :icondragonspif: :icondragondizzy: :icondragonglomp: :icondragonawakeplz: :icondragonlaugh: :icondragonmad1plz: :icondragonmad2plz: :icondragonteaplz: :icondragonscratchplz: :icondragonhehe: :icondragondrivel: :icondragonpray: :icondragonhiplz: :icondragonkekeplz: :icondragonpokeplz: :icondragonfierce: :icondragontired: :icondragonshy2plz: :icondragonshy1::icondragonshock2: :icondragonshock1: :icondragoncold: :icondragonhot: :icondragonsleep: :icondragontail1: :icondragontail2: :icondragontail3: :icondragoncryingplz: :icondragonerr: :icondragonhuh1: :icondragonhuh2: :icondragonidle: :icondragonmanplz: :icondragonmos: :icondragonpet1: :icondragonpet2: :icondragonxpplz: :icondragoncollapse: :icondragondepressed::icondragoncakeplz: :icondragonyawn::icondragonspin1::icondragonspin2::icondragonglomp:

:la::dummy::XD: ;p B-) :iconepicdummyplz::icondummywooplz::iconexciteddummyplz::iconlawooplz::iconbummiesplz::highfive::hug::iconsuperheroglompplz::iconbatglompplz::iconredbullglompplz::glomp::XD::aww::iconninjaglompplz::tighthug::iconcreepglompplz::iconglomp1plz::iconglomp2plz::huggle::iconhugsareniceplz::iconyaayplz::iconderp-plz::iconlaspazzoutplz::iconhugplz::iconbrofistemoteplz::iconnuclearglompplz::iconpenguinglompplz::iconcookieglompplz::icongwompplz::icongwomp::iconcookiegwompplz::iconlaglompplz::icondummyhugplz::pat::iconlaexcitedplz::iconninjahighfiveplz:

:iconohnoyoudirintplz: :iconsherlockwinkplz:





\m/ ....:stare: hell yeah :iconyeahplz::iconsuperw00tplz::iconabeplz::icontuzkiyesplz::iconyeswayplz::iconbrofist-plz: :iconbrofistplz:…

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pluto-my-way's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Pluto, like, a P & and L mixed together, like the planet's symbol..that’d be me :meow:

Hi there :iconsayhiplz:
Greetings to anybody stopping by :hug:
I’m an artist with heart and soul,
I love fantasy, most sci-fi, games, reading, METAL :iconyeahplz:, (but many other types of music as well)
nature, myths & legends, some certain type of humor :iconevilonionplz: ...& dragons!!:icondragonnod1plz:

my dragon OC(‘s) is/are Pluto & Anubis…

My dA dragon sisters:
:iconmangafa20: & :iconbarodiusfan:, both of them so kind, lovely and caring persons.
Check out their dragon OC’s, you won’t regret!;p

My dA dragon bros:
:icondragonmaster62835: Matt...always being himself, that is to say: great!^^
:iconwolfie661: looking for a kind soul to talk about everything under the sun
(& all kinda nerdy stuff :>)? and bam, there he is :D
:iconcynderfan35: carazeee :D

Other dA friends of mine:
:iconlordmeltdown: :iconfairhaired-cutey: :iconlinaprime: :iconshiroburo: :iconledembee: :iconcrystaldarkness: :icongewalgon: :iconback-off-i-bite:

& my real-life friends::hug:
:iconvaluelessrose: :highfive: crazy & awesome & crazy :la:
:iconselithos: sheep!:iconsheeplaplz:
and of course
:iconskywalker-96::iconsuperheroglompplz: :meow: :heart: :heart: :heart: :icondragonloveplz: Ovo

So...that is me on dA^^ :iconbummiesplz::iconepicdummyplz:
There is no spoon guys, there is no spoon. No, really. There isn’t. ...I mean...why would there be a sp- ...ok. Nevermind. Just TRY to understand, that’s all I ask for (& in fact all I do myself :stare: )
  • Mood: Humor
  • Listening to: Royal Republic
  • Playing: with colors
  • Drinking: tea :D
Hejsan, people...:XD:
It's me. and I won't keel you.
So step forward and, don't. The screen won't let ya I'm afraid O.o

my sis finally found out about me being a girl... congrats:iconjokerclapplz:

aaand I got tagged by my dragon bro Matt (that's him ---> :icondragonmaster62835:) :) yee-haw^^

1.- You must posts these rules. (but rules were made to be broken, right?) <-- Hell Yeah! 
2.- Each person has to share 10 things about them  ...:iconnorrisplz: ...we'll see about that...
3.- Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer  whatever, maybe xD
4.- Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal ...Ovo
5.- Go to their page and / or note to inform them they are tagged (we have mentions now, but I'll still link just in case) sure, sure... 
6.- Not something like " you are tagged if you read that" :icondealwithponyplz:trololo
7.- You have to legitimately tag 10 people ... :iconinsultedplz:
8.- No tag-backs ...:iconguaahplz: ...I get the message!!
9.- You can't say that you don't do tags. yeahsh, I can? :iconisayplz:
10.-You have to make this as a jurnal entry.  oh noes, :iconusuckplz: rules!! ...wait, I'm already doin this, so...yah right?xD

10 facts about me's..totally 10. ...=u="
1. I know about many things that I don't know nothing about at all in fact. now that makes perfect sense..
2. I like turtles
3. My real name fits, stupidly Ôqô
4. Now a fact everybody SO wanneta know, like, forever, I know...: my socks are of black & white color.
5. yo soy más grande que tú, that's most likely not true :XD:
6. I love languages...C:
7. I no. I'm done Ovo

Matt's questions:

1. Do you remember how did we meet?
        That... was here, on dA :la:

2. Do you know that I actually check every picture, journal and pool, even if I don't act on every one of them?
        u do? well...yolo...nah, srsly xD I didn't know 'til now^^

3. How often are you online? Do you want to be more or less online? (why the hell is the expression "online"? XD )
        I don't know, depends on how much or what else I gotta do; it's okay the way it is :meow:; and... :dummy: BECAUSE!!

4. Can you tell me more about yourself? (other than the facts in the tag, if you will do the tag... if not, just tell me some things about yourself. I want to know more about you, my friends. :3 )
        Well I like noodles.

        :iconclappingplz: i know, i know, useful, isn't it...nothing left to say...

5. What is your favorite game (on any gaming platform)?
        I'm not really into any kinda online games...just 'regular' gamin' ... .......:icongameaddictplz: 

6. What do you think about school?
        let me put it that way... :icononionxdplz::icononistressplz: + :icononionx3plz: + :iconsweatdropplz: + :iconsleepyonionplz::icondestroyplz: ...yah^^

7. What is your worst secret? >:3 Lol, don't answer that. XD What is your worst personality?
        my lack of motivation...xD

8. Make a question of your own and answer it. ( I am losing the inspiration XD)
        Are tigers colored like tigers?
            - Yes they are.

9. What is the longest book you've ever read?
        gosh...that might've been 'The Stand' by Stephen King ...or maybe it was The Lord of the Rings...I dunno xD

10. What youtube channels do you watch the most?
        wooh, I'm not into channels that much...lemme see. That'd be Vsauce, LeFloid, screen junkies, HISHEdotcom, 
        ...coldmirror...dunno, some others as well.

yeeeh, done...Ovo
gotta tag other ppl now don't I..

:iconskywalker-96: :iconbarodiusfan::iconmangafa20: :iconwolfie661: :iconlinaprime: :iconcynderfan35: :iconfairhaired-cutey: :iconbushtaushamay2011: :iconback-off-i-bite: & :iconrednon: ^^

soo, my questions for you guys aare...(STOLEN ones...damn, they are awesome & I'm so very tired, so..^^)

1. What's your race and where's your hometown if you would live in Middle-Earth?
2. What does your own art mean to you? do you draw certain topics for example, and why? (I guess pretty much everyone I tagged is an artist)
3. What was your favourite moment of 2013?
4. I am just going to copy this one, it is just a cool question: what does your nickname on DA mean?
5. How are you going to celebrate Christmas?
6. What's best: white chololate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
7. What's your favourite type of artwork and why? 
8. What country do you really want to visit one day?
9. Have you seen the new hobbit movie? and if the answers is yes, what do you think about it? (give a spoiler warning if needed!)
10. Your fav fruit is? (oh yay, I even invented that one on my OWN! xD)
Yokai, that's it!:meow:

Have a great time everybody, happy holidays!;p
~Pluto :icondragonlaughplz:

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Semeone1 4 days ago  New member Student Artist
I am speechless 
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Semeone1 4 days ago  New member Student Artist
Awesome dragons
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Semeone1 4 days ago  New member Student Artist
:happybounce: Beautiful dragons +fav 
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Dragonmaster62835 Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
GENIUS SIS! :dummy: :huggle:
Here's a giftie for ya. :3
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"sneaks in " nope youdont see me its just wind outside " takes cookies from kitchen " you still dont see me " hugs you from behind"  now ya see me XD
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Thank you for the :+fav: :hug:
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KreepingSpawn Mar 13, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the :+fav::D

Which Came First? by KreepingSpawn  
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Thanks for the fave (<3)
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Ardate Mar 8, 2014  Student Filmographer
Thank you so much for the watch dear ! :D
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hheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey :icondragonmos::icondragonmos::icondragonmos::icondragonmos::icondragonmos::icondragonmos::icondragonmos::icondragonmos::icondragonmos::icondragonmos::icondragonmos: XDDDD
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