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Survival became their hobby.
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The Raven by luisbc
\m/ ....:stare: hell yeah :iconyeahplz::iconsuperw00tplz::iconabeplz::icontuzkiyesplz::iconbrofist-plz: :iconbrofistplz:

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi there, greetings to anyone stopping by!Ovo :hug:

Pluto, like, the planet's symbol --> ♇ ...that’d be me :meow: ...+ it seems I secretly iz a cat.

- the "that's what I luves"-stuff (:stare: shut it..)
fantasy, mythology, most sci-fi, games, reading, METAL :horns: - (but many other types of music as well) nature, ...& dragons *rawwwr*
:icondragonnod1plz: (my dragon OCs: Pluto /Anubis and Thyella)

- the "that's what I luves even moar"-stuff: (:stare::stare::stare:)
my bf :meow:
:iconskywalker-96::iconsuperheroglompplz: :heart: :heart: :heart: :icondragonloveplz: Ovo

my dragon sisters & bros:
:iconmangafa20: & :iconbarodiusfan:, :icondragonmaster62835::iconwolfie661:&:iconcynderfan35:

other dA friends of mine:
:iconlordmeltdown: :iconfairhaired-cutey: :iconlinaprime: :iconshiroburo: :iconledembee: :iconcrystaldarkness: :iconback-off-i-bite: :iconbushtaushamay2011: :iconwulfsista: :iconelssence:
& my rl friends::hug:

yo guess that's it :iconbummiesplz::iconepicdummyplz:
There is no spoon guys, there is no spoon. :iconthereisnospoonplz:....:iconmindblownplz:

~ Pluto

  • Mood: Humor
  • Listening to: Black Stone Cherry
  • Playing: with colors
  • Drinking: tea :D

Got tagged by my friends ledembee and Gaia96Bennoda
But I'm only gonna do the questions, sorry :XD:

Raven's questions:
1. Baths or Showers? Why?
    Showers...just because. I haven't had a bath since ages I think...
    (now that actaully sounds a lil weird doesn't it Oo)
2. What's your favourite movie/TV show?
    Boy oh boy, hard one. 'Game of Thrones' and 'The Big Bang Theory' I guess, but I'm not good with anything concerning TV, really...
3. Did you eat breakfast today? If yes, what was it?
Uhh...nope. Now that you say so...*goes and gets a banana*
4. Gay Marriage: yes or no? (answer simply)
    Yo, sure
5. Favourite all time villain?
    Man...I'd say the Joker, but I'd totally go with Darth Vader and Loki as well
6. Cats or Dogs? Why?
    I'd say cats, cuz they're friggin cats :3
    But I LOVE dogs as well! x3
7. How creative are my questions?
    Go on please, I have fun answering them so far :)
8. Describe your hair to me (Idk, just do it.)
    Hah. Simple one xD it's kind of a blond lion's mane at the moment. *always. :stare:*
9. How much sleep did you get last night?
    Nuff I'd say :P
10. Are you in love, or have ever been in love?
    Yes I am, and I'm very happy he's by my side ;p :heart:

Gaia's questions
1. Your favourite band?
    Too f*ckin many :P
2. Actor?
    The Sirs Anthony Hopkins and Ian McKellen
3. Song?
    Lol it's changing. A lot. I have no idea. :XD:
4. Book/film?
    Too many :3
    Book...I'd say it's Stephen Hawking's 'The Universe in a Nutshell'
    Film. gosh. For the stuff I really enjoyed watching, that'd be alluf the JRR Tolkien cinematizations so far.
    The one that got me thinking the most was Forrest Gump.
5. Do you like hentai? 8D
    Boy oh boy, been a while since I saw anything in that direction P:
    As I found out my very first impressions were based on some of the worst.. kinky...whatever!Omo *ugh!*
    But the rest of it I found out to be...exaggeratedly exorbitant know what I mean pervs...but sexy. and kinda funny :XD:
6. Do you sing when you're taking a shower?
    Nope...I don't wanna kill the people in tha house...
7. Your celebrety crush?
    Still no takers :XD:
8. Do you have any pet?
    Had a buncha rabbits...and a carnivorous plant. It died. ;m;
9. Do you like ship (like Ferard, Bennoda, Shomo ...)? If yes, which one?
    Oh god now I definitely remember I have gone through the exact same questions before...
    and I still don't know what that is...Omo srsly I'm confused now.
10. Your favourite anime/manga?
    That'd be...One Piece and InuYasha (Anime) - but I only know parts of those - and Naruto (Manga) >v<

Nyay thanks for da fun questions C:

Always stay ready for take-off everybody :D

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