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The Raven by luisbc
\m/ ....:stare: hell yeah :iconyeahplz::iconsuperw00tplz::iconabeplz::icontuzkiyesplz::iconbrofist-plz: :iconbrofistplz:

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I am the Night by pluto-my-way
I am the Night
My lil tablet works again!:D :D :D
- and THIS is ma proof x3
Felt hella great to draw something this way once again :meow:

As for some information...
little to say yet, there is :yoda:
It's an OC of mine,
I will reveal more information when it comes to my lil project.
So one could say this is the first submission on alla that...:XD: but well.
school scribblings, No. 7 - Kilgharrah and Merlin by pluto-my-way
school scribblings, No. 7 - Kilgharrah and Merlin
'The Great Dragon' as he can be seen in the BBC's series 'Merlin'.
This one I drew in arts class :D
No boring, such dragon, much pencil, wow.:icondogememeplz:



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi there, greetings to anyone stopping by!Ovo :hug:

Pluto, like, the planet's symbol --> ♇ ...that’d be me :meow: ...+ it seems I secretly iz a cat.

- the "that's what I luves"-stuff (:stare: shut it..)
fantasy, mythology, most sci-fi, games, reading, METAL :horns: - (but many other types of music as well) nature, ...& dragons *rawwwr*
:icondragonnod1plz: (my dragon OCs: Pluto /Anubis and Thyella)

- the "that's what I luves even moar"-stuff: (:stare::stare::stare:)
my bf :meow:
:iconskywalker-96::iconsuperheroglompplz: :heart: :heart: :heart: :icondragonloveplz: Ovo

my dragon sisters & bros:
:iconmangafa20: & :iconbarodiusfan:, :icondragonmaster62835::iconwolfie661:&:iconcynderfan35:

other dA friends of mine:
:iconlordmeltdown: :iconfairhaired-cutey: :iconlinaprime: :iconshiroburo: :iconledembee: :iconcrystaldarkness: :iconback-off-i-bite: :iconloonataniataushamay: :iconwulfsista: :iconelssence:
& my rl friends::hug:

yo guess that's it :iconbummiesplz::iconepicdummyplz:
There is no spoon guys, there is no spoon. :iconthereisnospoonplz:....:iconmindblownplz:

~ Pluto

Hej there,

it's been a while since I showed some serious activity here on dA,
but I've been moving to another place after finishing school a few months ago.
The next few months/ years will be busy too I guess, but I'll try my best not to be a pug about it.:iconsrslyguiseplz:

As inactive as I might've been these days - I haven't been up to nothing in the artistic direction.^^
Therefore I'll proudly present to you the first results of a lil project of mine as soon as I'm done with it all.
In the meantime I got sth else to exhibit, that is to say the stuffs drawn at school bfore finishing it (--> 6-12 months old).
Drawn on pad paper with ballpoint pen mostly, I must say I still like the results - now that I've harvested it all.:XD:
First one's up already. :D

And for my dragon siblings and friends on dA:
1. I'm working on my skype and hopefully will be on again these days
  (-it crashed, I'm still trying to fix it but it seems like my wonderful PC is the master fo puppets pulling the strings)
2. AngelKiller666 - I haven't forgotten about you!;) my tablet's up to nothing good tho :/
3. I got tagged by mangafa20 some while ago, now's the time to answer the call ;)

Jolien's quiestions:

1. Do you have a crush on someone yes or no?
    Yap, my bf set mee heart on fire x3

2. Which movie did you saw last in the cinema?
    Guardians of the galaxy. yeeeh >D<

3. Who are your favorite artists?
    Too many of them :) (no real answer, I know....:stare:)

4. What would you do if you was rich?
    Get a better pc :aww:

5. What is your best artwork you ever made ?
    Mmmmmh...'Dear Rapists'.
    Just have a good feeling about that one. It makes me feel good every time I see it ...xP :iconimdiabolicalplz:

6. What are your future plans?
    Gettn moar into arts n...stay happy ovo

7. Whats your favorite  animal?
   Don't hav a fav one in fact...but I love tigers, well big cats & cats in general,
   crows & ravens, birds of prey...foxes...monkeys...dunno :XD:

8. Whats your favorite element?
    Air/'s great as well...n water. my maths is awful, I know.

9. Ever thought to rob a bank ? :XD:
    Sure, who hasn't...nah, srsly, I thought about what it'd be like when watching movies with that kinda topic,
    but I came to the conclusion that it's not the business Imma get into anytime soon xP

10. Do you like to sing or to dance?
    ohh! :iconjimgagaplz:
    uh.. xD
    If I had to choose, I'd say dance :XD: but I'm a greenhorn, so..xD

Oki Loki, that's it so far,
have a nice day everybody :meow:

~ Pluto
  • Mood: Humor
  • Listening to: Before the Dawn
  • Playing: with colors
  • Drinking: tea :D

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